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What drives me

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I have been active in the theater world since I was ten. From school drama to theater clubs and later a directing course. I played, directed or adapted plays with a lot of energy. Writing has been added for a number of years. I have a strong, intrinsic urge to create stories. Writing short stories  allows me to channel my creative energy while letting my imagination run wild. Of the short stories I ended up in a children's book, 'Island 78' and when I started my second book 'The Sun Stone',_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b 136bad5cf58d_I started a writing course. I wanted more and had the need to develop myself as a writer. Here I learned more about the how, different perspectives and the will and the way. I write for both adults and children, it gives me a lot of pleasure.

I was also inspired by Jacoba van Beieren. The combination of fiction and reality makes it a joy for me as a writer every time to publish a diary fragment.

Because I also like to read, I started to read the Jacoba's and the short stories and post them on Instagram and my site .

I am currently putting the finishing touches on 'Island 78', an imaginative children's book that will be a great adventure for both me and the reader. Maser Writes is not only an outlet for my own work, but in the future it will also be a place for videos, writing tips and more.

I hope you enjoy during your literary journey.

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